Professional Paths in Photography Workshop with Mohammad Badarneh

Professional Paths in Photography Workshop with Mohammad Badarneh

The Arab Culture Association (ACA) recently concluded its workshop for photographers in order to develop their career path with Palestinian photographer Mohammad Badarneh.

The workshop was 4 sessions long over Zoom, it discussed recommendations and tracks for career forwarding and development for photographers, by presenting different works of professional photographers and discussing them, experiences from the field, how to build a portfolio, presenting the works of the participants and discussing them, building personal projects from exhibitions and more.

Badarneh held personal consultations with each of the participants, in order to work exclusively on their future projects. He stated, “It was a special opportunity to get acquainted with the works of different photographers who have advanced photography skills, as we worked together on developing their work and presenting it in the best way possible. There is always a need to keep up with global trends in the world of photography, using different techniques that contribute to the photographer’s career growth.”

Badarneh continued, “in the 48 territories we have various photographers who can present through their work different political and social issues; photography has a crucial role in change and influence if one knows how to use and promote it properly.”

This workshop is one of the training workshops organized by the ACA for Palestinian cultural activists and workers in the 48 territories.