Open Call: Contributions to the Palestinian Coast Dossier

Open Call for Contributions to the Palestinian Coast Dossier

The Palestinian Coast dossier is part of the planned activities for the “AlMadina Festival for Culture and the Arts 2020” organized by the Arab Culture Association between December 17th and the 23rd of 2020. ACA has cooperated on this dossier with two Palestinian cultural magazines: Roman and Fusha, in order to shed light on cultural issues related to Palestinian coastal cities and towns, what has remained, and what was abandoned.

The dossier’s vision, as is the festival’s, is the centrality of the city for Palestinians from a political and cultural perspective, especially in the occupied 1948 territories. In the last 2 decades, there has been a noticeable transformation in the efforts to reclaim the lost Palestinian city, reshape it, and to rebuild a cultural space in it. It will shed light on this transformation and encourage it, by discussing the cultural issue related to the coast’s past, present, and future. The dossier will illustrate the ambition of a culture that reflects the soul of the coastal Palestinian city and countryside.

The Arab Culture Association invites journalists, writers, researchers, and producers of visual/ written materials especially residents of Palestinian coastal cities and towns, to contribute to this dossier. For more information, you can find details of the call in Arabic.