The Arab Culture Association is looking Resource Development and International Relations 
Job title: Resource Development and International Relations Coordinator
Job Description: The Arab Culture Association (ACA) is looking for a Resource Development andInternational Relations Coordinator.
Responsibilities include preparation of grant proposals, reporting to donors about various ACA initiatives, maintaining and developing donor relations, researching and applying for new funding opportunities and participating in the planning and development of ACA projects.
Part time: 75%
Required Qualifications:
– Previous experience in grantwriting and fundraising
– Native-level English fluency
– Proficiency in Microsoft Word
– Excellent English writing and editing skills
– Ability to work flexibly and independently
– Good communication skills
– Strong organizational skills and the ability to multi-task under pressure



Preferred skills:
– Familiarity with region and history of the Middle East, particularly concerning the arts and culture
– Demonstrated proficiency in written and spoken Arabic considered an asset.
– Background and/or interest in arts and culture


Deadline: April 15th, 2015


About ACA:
The Arab Culture Association is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1998 as an initiative by a group of intellectuals, academics and political activists. Aiming to strengthen Arab culture and identity for Palestinians in Israel, the Arab Culture Association (ACA) is counted among the leading Palestinian institutions serving Palestinian community in Israel. The ACA is known for its pioneering programs that address a diversity of cultural fields, including: Arabic language, arts and literature, cultural tourism, and the promotion of higher education and critical thinking.
We work towards a Palestinian Arab society keen about its language, identity, and cultural heritage that is culturally and academically autonomous, creative, productive and socially responsible, and based on humanitarian and pluralistic values.
As such, our work centres on developing the intellectual foundation and infrastructure to support the cultural independence of Palestinian Arabs in Israel in the fields of art, literature and critique. As such, our work revolves around raising awareness of identity and collective rights, and preserving the Arabic language as a fundamental component of identity. We work to ensure access to knowledge sources on the Arabic language and to provide a central, urban communicative space for the exchange of ideas, and the creation and distribution of cultural productions. Moreover, the ACA strives to foster the forefront of youth leadership that is educated and conscious of its identity and social responsibility.


Suitable candidates should e-mail their CV and a letter of motivation to: