The Arab Culture Association’s Staff

Majeda Akkawi- Tabaja

Office Manager

Majeda Akawi

Rabeea Eid

Cultural Projects Coordinator

Rabeea Eid

Mustafa Rinawi

Scholarship Program & Al Tarif Coordinator

Mustafa Rinawi

Lubna Tuma

Scholarship Program & Al Tarif Coordinator

Lubna Touma

Marah AlAnwar

Media Coordinator


Board Members

Anton Shalhat: Writer & Chairman of the Board

Anton Shalhat- Akka

Shalhat works as a writer and chairperson of the Arab Culture Association’s board of trustees. In addition, he is a researcher of Israeli affairs, a literary critic who completed a research series in the field, as well as the translator of many books from Hebrew to Arabic. Shalhat writes for Palestinian and Israeli journalism, his latest publications include: Benyamin Netanyahu: Doctrine of No Solution (2015), Israel: Administrative Persecution as a Political Tool (2018), The Oslo Ring: Reinforcing Israeli Colonial Control (2018), and Herzl, Zionism, and the Jewish State (2019). His translations include The Road to Eid Harod a novel by Amos Kenan (1983), The Confrontation a novel by Kasting (1991), Getto a play by Joshua Sobol (2000), Memory, State and Identity- Critical Studies about Zionism and Israel- written by a group of authors (2002), The Invention of the Land of Israel (2013) and How I Stopped Being a Jew by Shlomo Sand, and much more.

Dr. Mahmoud Mouhareb: University Lecturer & Writer

Dr. Mahmoud Mohareb- Jerusalem

Dr. Mohareb is a Palestinian researcher, historian, and university professor. He published many books and over 30 research papers about the Arab Israeli conflict, Zionism, Israel, and the Palestinian cause. Born in 1952, he received his elementary education in Ramlah and Lod and then attended the Arab Orthodox High School in Haifa. He graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and then received his doctorate in Political Sciences from the University of Reading in England. Dr. Muhareb was politically active from a young age and headed the Committee for Arab students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in the late seventies. He also contributed to the founding of Arab university students union inside the green line, and the founding of Abnaa AlBalad movement and was one of its leaders. He was perused by Israeli authorities, and forced to home arrest, and was arrested many times in the late seventies on charges of affiliation to a Palestinian organization. He contributed to the establishment of the National Democratic Assembly in the early nineties and was its first secretary-general.

Fouad Sultani: Lawyer & Activist

Fouad Sultani- Tira

Sultani is a lawyer, political and social activist from Tira. He studied law in Poland and graduated in 1984. Sultani has been running a private law firm in his hometown since 1987, after the eruption of the first Intifada, when he mobilized to defend Palestinian prisoners in front of military courts in the West Bank and Gaza. Over the years, he has represented many Palestinians in defending their land from confiscation from the occupation. For many years, he worked as a lawyer for the Association for Prisoner Support, led by the late Abdel Rahim Iraqi, which took care of cases concerning prisoners in the 48 territories. He serves as a member of the central committee for the National Democratic Assembly (NDA) and is one of its founders. In 1994, Sultani established with others an “Infiltrator Explosion” committee, which he headed for many years. In 2000, he and others set up a sit-in tent against the “Trans- Israel” road (Road 6) and Sultani was one of the key prosecutors for the area of Tira and the confiscated lands for the street. Between 2012 and 2016, he was appointed the regional head of the union of parents of Arab students committee in the country. From 2001 to 2011 he was a board member at Adalah- The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, where he represented the center in many international conferences such as Rabat, London, and Genève.

Dr. Johnny Mansour: Lecturer & Writer

Dr. Johnny Mansour- Haifa

Dr. Mansour is a university lecturer and historian born and residing in Haifa with his family. He has worked in the field of education for over 40 years; he served as Vice President at the Mar Elias College in the Galilee, a lecturer in the department of history at the Beit Perl Academic Collage, editor for “AlKalima” magazine, information bank director for Madar, The Palestinian Center for Israeli Studies. Dr. Mansour is specialized in Middle Eastern Studies, his research interests are in 5 fields: 1. History of Islam and Contemporary Middle East, 2. Arab Christians in Palestine and the Middle East, 3. The Arab Israeli conflict, 4. The Palestinian City, specialized in Haifa, and 5. Refugee cases in the Middle East. He has published many research paper and books on his research interests, such as: A New Vision of the Life and Deeds of Bishop Gregorios Hajjar (1985), Haifa Arab Streets (1989), Haifa Arab Tours (2007), The Arab Map of Haifa, Arab History in the Middle Ages (1989), The Modern History of the Middle East (1991), The Hijaz Railway (2008), and much more. Currently, he is working on a comparative study with historian Ilan Pape on the cases of Palestinian refugees in 1948 and cases of Syrian refugees to Europe and other countries from a social solidarity model. The study will be published in a book by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha. Dr. Manour is active in local, regional and international conferences, in addition, he is a board member in a number of research and civil society organizations in Palestine and abroad, in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors at the Arab Culture Association.

Eyad Khalaileh: Lawyer

Eyad Khalaileh- Sakhnin

Khalaileh is a lawyer, politician, and human rights, activist. He attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1997 and was a leader in student movements and a member of the Arab Student Committee. He is active in many legal and political frameworks in Sakhnin, a member of the Popular Committee in Sakhnin, in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors at the Arab Culture Association.

Haneen Aghbariye: Lawyer

Haneen Agbariya- Um ElFahem/ Jaffa

Lawyer and political activist from Um ElFahem, living in Jaffa, specialized in civil cases (road and work accident settlements). She has a Master’s degree in Civil Rights from Tel Aviv University and North Western University. She is also active in social photography.

Dr. Mohanad Mustafa: Researcher

Mohanad Mustafa- Um ElFahem

Academic and Researcher.