4th Annual Short Story Competition

The Arab Culture Association announces opening the door for applications to its 4th annual Short Story Competition for Middle and High School students. The competition aims to enhance opportunities for creative literary writing among school students, in order to encourage future contributions to Arabic literature in Palestinian society.

The competition is being organized for the fourth year in a row, in which over 100 students participated in the competition from different Arab countries last year.

Participants should send a short story in Arabic that they wrote, which has not been published before. Students are free to choose the subject of the story. A specialized judging committee chooses the nominated stories and the winning texts based on different criteria: 1- creativity and innovation of the idea and subject, 2- literary style, 3- story structure, 4- characters, 5- language.

Applications are accepted by including the short story (1500 word limit) within the electronic application until February 10th, 2021.