Wednesday Talk: Realities and Challenges of Palestinian Media in Israel

“Wednesday Talk” Discusses Realities and Challenges of Palestinian Media in Israel

The Arab Culture Association organized last Wednesday a virtual symposium as part of its project “Wednesday Talk” symposia series. In participation with Palestinian journalists, the symposium “Realities and Challenges of Palestinian Media in Israel” discussed many important topics that create challenges for Palestinian media and journalism in the 48 territories.

The symposium was held on Facebook Live, and hosted journalist and director Suha Arraf from “Sikha Mekomit”, editor in chief of “Arab 48” news website Rami Mansour, news director at “AlShams” radio station and journalist for “Haaretz” newspaper Jacky Khoury, and political science researcher and director of “AlNas” radio Dr. Firas Khatib. Journalist Ahmad Darawshe facilitated the symposium.

Darawshe started the symposium with a question regarding the challenges facing Palestinian journalism and media in the 48 territories. All journalists agreed that there is a crisis in local journalism; moreover, their view towards the crisis and its dimensions differed. Arraf considers the problem to be in the recruitment of talents and journalists. Khatib saw the crisis from an accumulated historical dimension, for a nation whose natural development was interrupted because of the occupation; while Mansour considered that there is an objective challenge in establishing and developing a professional journalism environment, not to mention the importance of funding in order to establish such environments. Khoury emphasized there is a fundamental crisis in the definition of journalism and journalist work, in light of easily available and accessible publishing tools, in conjunction with the absence of professional skills in content editing and publishing.

The symposium is available for viewing on ACA’s Facebook Page.

You can also listen to it on Sound Cloud.